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Prompt #2

“Your favorite memory”

This one makes me smile every time I think of it 🙂

When I was thirteen I got to church late. There was a guest speaker so the youth group was in the main sanctuary with the adults, though we had our own section. Seats were kind of full so the ushers were seating everyone. I got sat between one of my friends and a boy I had never really talked to. The guest speaker led us in song and had everyone put their arms around their neighbors while singing. At the end of the song he said if you are family keep your arms around each other while we sing the next song. And the boy next to me turned to me and smiled and said “we are family” and kept his arm around me while we sang the next song. 21 years and three kids later I think he might be right 😊

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Daily journaling, I know it’s supposed to be healthy for me and I go on these kicks where I do it, but my motivation inevitably drops off. And then I feel like a loser because I can’t even keep up with a journal and then I delete everything. 

So, anyway , I’m starting again with the journal prompts and I’m numbering them, but I’m not putting “Day 1”, just “#1” and so on 🙂

So, journal prompt #1

“Introduce yourself”

Hi 👋,

I’m Amy 😊 and I have emoji issues lol 😂 

But seriously 🤓 I’m a 34 year old married mother of three. I have been with my husband for 20 years now 💏 and we have grown and changed a lot together during that time. My children are 14, 13, and 6 and they keep me busy. I love being married and I love being a mom. I am also a full time student. I will graduate with my associates degree in December and I have applied to start the nursing program in spring. Eventually I would like to get my doctorate in psychiatric nursing and be a counseling psychiatrist nurse practitioner. I am a certified life coach and a certified yoga instructor though I have never made use of those skills. I want to be confident enough to teach yoga. I would love to do yoga therapy. I really love to read, I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. I want to keep an actual library of all of the personal development books that I find helpful so that I can share them with future clients. I love to be creative, though I haven’t had the time for it lately. I paint and draw and write and crochet and sew and cook. I like to be domestic. I love when my home is clean and cozy and I have made a freshly prepared meal 🙂

I also deal with bipolar 1, Anxiety, OCD, Insomnia and EDNOS. 

I’m in a pretty good place right now with all of that though 🙂

Anyway, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. I love getting to know the people whose blogs I follow. 

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So I’ve been mulling over the concept of looking like an adult and conforming. Once I start the RN program in spring I have to follow a very strict dress code. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. I have dreads and gauges and a ton of piercings and tattoos :p I know it sounds very out there, but overall it’s a good look for me. I don’t come off looking like a punk, just a little different. Anyway , I know this is all a part of adulting. Everybody sacrifices some individuality to be part of an academic or professional environment. So, to that end, I’ve taken out my gauges to allow them time to close, I will have to wear long sleeves shorts under my scrubs, and I’m considering a hair cut 😱

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Breathing room

I’ve been largely absent on here lately, in fact about a week back I deleted all of my stuff on here. I was feeling overwhelmed and like I needed to condense or streamline myself and all of the things that took up my mental bandwidth. 

I view this blog as part of myself and it was just a part of myself that I had no energy to attend to. 

My last final was yesterday and I finally have some breathing room 🙂

Last week was crazy, Hubby was double booked for work so all of our time together was spent at the gym since we are both trying to lose weight. I had to visit all of the kids’ new schools and make sure they were registered properly and get their supply lists and shop for clothes. Then the kids all had their annual drs appointments. On top of this I had finals and I had to call and start scheduling my drs appointments because I need quite a few shots before I can enter the nursing program. I completed my prerequisites and filled out my application and I’m going to officially apply for the nursing program later today 😬 I won’t find out whether I’m accepted or not till mid October. Which is fine though, because I’ll have the four classes I need to finish my AA keeping me busy this fall :p

Last week I felt like such a bad parent because I actually forgot my littlest’s drs appointment. I took my big kids on Tuesday and his was on Thursday and I confirmed the appointment with the receptionist and then I just forgot. I didn’t even think about it till Friday :/ it’s the first time I’ve ever just forgotten something to do with my kids. Sometimes I worry that this medication just screws with my memory. I need to work on being more present and focused and trying to remember things. I worry about attempting a nursing program when I feel like I have memory issues. 

Anyway, I will probably post more later 🙂 That’s just a mini catch up on my life lately 🙂