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Taking stock of my mood

I hate questioning why I feel good, if maybe I feel too good. 

As I went through my plans with hubby today he just kind of stared at me. When I mentioned adding yoga into the already packed day he asked “are you manic right now”. When should I have to worry about that. I feel good right now, really good, but do I feel more than good?

There have certainly been many reasons for reflection and taking stock and I’d like to attribute this extra energy and motivation to my more positive view of where I am as a person right now. 

There are gray lines between feeling really good and productive to on my way up. 

One worrisome sign is I’m a little paranoid, not a lot, just a little. 

I’m pretty sure hubby has been reading my phone, texts, blog, therapy….etc.  and I’m not sure if this is really paranoia. He does use my phone for work and he has done it before. I mean it’s been years and we’ve changed a lot since then. And I have nothing to hide so it’s not really a big deal. 

I want to do everything. I got out my yoga stuff yesterday. I have the books and all of the lessons from when I got certified to teach a few years ago and I’d like to pick it up again. I downloaded a few books on life coaching and researched getting a certification in that as well. Also not worrisome, also could be attributed to my extra motivation. 

I am happy with who I am right now and I want to keep working on being a person that I am happy to be. 


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