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Shopping, goals, and minimalism

I see myself as a minimalist. I want to own less and do more. I want my environment to be simple and clutter free. I want to recycle and upcycle and reuse. I want to throw away less trash. I want to use natural products and spend less money. 

This is all doable, it’s just work and intent. 

The problem is shopping. Sometimes I have a bad shopping habit. Especially if I’m drunk or manic. 

I have so many clothes. They range in size from 16 in children’s (what I fit into when I’m 125 lbs or less) to 12 in women’s (what I fit into now at 170). 

I have a lot of nice clothes. Rather than buy anything new I want to lose the weight and shop my own closets. I want to get rid of each size I undergrow and promise myself I’ll never be back there again. 


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