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Still feeling good

As far as I can tell I don’t have any signs of mania. 

I actually Think I’m in a happy place and also at a growing point. 

Hubby and I had a long talk yesterday about choices and regrets. We view regrets differently, he views them as a need not met and I view them as something I wish I’d done. 

Right now I regret not sticking to my ideals and remaining vegan. I regret not sticking with yoga once I got my certification. I regret not sticking with running and doing some more races. I regret gaining fifty pounds since I started therapy and medication four years ago. 

I can change that. All of those things are in my control. I will regret not changing it. So I should save myself some regret and just do it 🙂

From my perspective right now the only thing between me and who I see myself as at this point is me. 

I am now choosing to do the things that bring me closer to who I want to be. 

Hubby says he feels like my personality is still evolving and I feel like that’s true. I had a very restrictive upbringing and early marriage and once I had kids that became my identity. I didn’t start trying to find my own identity until I started therapy four years ago. 

It’s like I went through the teen years in my early thirties lol. 


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