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A good day and a little anxious

Today has been a very good day. I’ve gotten through three out of my four study chapters, picked up my meds and taken the kids to the pet store, I’ve eaten healthily (well, restrictedly) and gone to the gym for an hour, and now I’m at the pool with my boys. Tonight hubby is taking baby girl to dinner so it’s just me and the boys and I think I might just have a protein shake. 

This weekend, well Sunday and Monday, we are traveling to a Japanese garden that we love and Monday we are getting our passports (hello foreign travel!!!). 

The anxiety comes from the weight loss. I’ve been restricting and working out and I’m really starting to see a difference. My size 12s are now too big and my 10s are comfy, I can’t wait for the eights. Anyway, going away for two days means eating all of my meals with the family, which means I need to keep up the appearance of a normal appetite, which means no weight loss :/


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