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Ooooooooold 😝

I colored my hair today 🙂 I change my hair a lot (seriously). I’ve had red / brown / black / pink / purple / blue / and blonde :p. I’ve had dreads for a while now and I colored them (black) today because at the ripe old age of 34 I have grays (a lot of them). To be fair though I’ve had grays since I was 22 ish. I blame my kids :p (it’s probably genetics, but there is nobody to guilt if I don’t blame my kids).

But anyway today was a busy day. We went to the courthouse and took care of our passport applications!!! Hooray for potential international travel !!!

I didn’t go to the gym today, but I guess it’s good to take a day off since I’ve gone 6 out of the last seven days. 

I ate a chik fil a kids meal for breakfast/ lunch and I may have to eat dinner too :/

Anyway, how does this relate to coloring my hair. I’ve been feeling busy, blah, and fat today so I decided to be nice to myself. I went to target and bought some bubble bath, hair color, and a glass of champagne. I’m going to give myself a face peel, whiten my teeth and paint my nails too 🙂


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