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Journal prompt #8

“Write about the place you call home”

As an adult the place I call home is the place where my Hubby and kids are 🙂 We’ve lived fourteen different places since getting married and about a week after each move we’ve settled into “home”. Home for me is clean and organized and has my pictures on the wall and my pots on the stove and my jars on the counter 🙂

As a child we moved last when I was four so I spent the next twelve years in the same place. I was homeschooled ,except for a one year period when I was twelve, so I spent a lot of time at home. It was a log cabin in the middle of twelve acres and it was very isolated. I have a lot of bad memories from my childhood home, but it was also home. It was the place of hot soup on rainy days, it was the place of a thousand books read in the solitude of my room, it was the place of a roaring fire in the fireplace during winter, it was the place of open windows to cool down the house after a storm 🙂 there are some things from my childhood that still feel like home to me 🙂 A freshly brewed cup of coffee, pancakes frying, a pot of chili on the stove. 

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Journal prompt #7

First I would like to say wow and pat myself on the back 🙂 I’ve stuck with something for a whole week now 🙂 woohoo consistency!

Today’s journal prompt (pulled from Pinterest) is “Introduce yourself”

Hi all, I’m Amy 🙂

I am a happily married (18years), 34 year old (yes I know that means I got married when I was 16) mother of three 🙂

I am a student , I have one more semester left to get my AA and I will be applying for the nursing program soon 🙂 I didn’t start college until I was 31 and it was mainly at the suggestion of my therapist. 

I am a painter 🙂 I write poems and stories. I occasionally go on a crocheting binge:p

I have two cats. 

I read A LOT

I struggled with bipolar, an eating disorder, OCD, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Well, that’s enough about me 🙂 please introduce yourself in the comments if you feel like it 🙂

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Journal prompt #6

“If I really loved myself I would”

If I really loved myself I would take better care of myself. I would be consistent with my self care, nutrition, exercise, and medical care. If I really loved myself I would be less passive. I would be ok asserting an opinion or desire. I would feel like a worthwhile human being. 

Do you love yourself? How do you show it ?

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Right now I hate eating. If I eat I feel like it’s too much. I have been alternating between restricting and purging for a few weeks now and my body hates it. The sick part of it is part of me likes it. Its like “see I do have the discipline to be thin”.I feel more fractious mentally and I wonder what it’s doing to my chemical balance and medication levels. But I don’t want to talk about it. I know I’ve been diagnosed with several eating disorders over the last few years , but right now I feel like I’m too at to have an eating disorder. 

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Journal prompt 5b

Inbooksallday suggested “what does a weekend look like for you” as a prompt so I decided to do a second one today 🙂

Weekends are usually pretty good for me 🙂 They start on Friday when I take my kids to the local theme park. Friday nights are usually date night for me and my hubby. This caused me a little anxiety this weekend because I’m having a bit of food anxiety right now. I usually take the weekend off from working out and I took yesterday off but I don’t think my anxiety is going to let me take today off as well. Saturdays are usually pretty laid back. This Saturday we stayed up late playing bioshock on the PS4 and then had a little adult time once the kids went to bed 😉 Every other Sunday I take my daughter (13) out to a movie 🙂 Today we are going to see 47 meters below. It’s billed as a horror film, but it’s only PG13. And I think tonight we will play more bioshock 🙂 of course all of this is interspersed with studying, housework, laundry, cooking ….. and all of the other small necessities of domestic life:)

What does a weekend look like for you ?

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Journal prompt #5

“Writers block”

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m having trouble coming up with a journal prompt for today. I’ve been on Pinterest and looked up prompts and have found nothing that I really wanted to write about today, so I posted here asking for suggestions. Afracturedfaithblog Suggested that I write on writers block lol. It seems fitting. 

Writers block. For me I’m not sure if it’s a lack of ideas or a lack of motivation. Maybe that’s the way it is for everybody. What do you guys do when you feel blocked?

I have a bad habit of coming up with these big ideas , like posting every day or journaling every day and then it just fizzles out and I don’t follow through. I guess consistency is something I really need to work on. 

I like to write , but somehow it seems vulnerable and personal. I write stories and poetry, but then I delete them before they see the light of day. Even my blog is subject to periodic deletion (sorry to all of those that have been with me for a few years now). 

Most of the prompts I can find online are related to positive psychology or personal development and, at the risk of sounding childish, what if I don’t always feel positive or feel like growing and developing as a person. Lol, I guess that’s why I decided to start journaling, to help me grow and develop as a person and to help me focus on the positive. 

Anyways , I guess this is my attempt to work through the block. Cheers to consistency?

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Journal prompt #4

“What is the last book you read”

The last book I read was “Life coaching, connecting you to your inner wisdom”

The book I’m reading right now is “Ghost Stories” by Peter Straub. 

I love to read, I’ve read thousands of books in my lifetime:) I have a huge fondness for horror books 🙂 I’ve read everything Stephen King has ever written. Even if you aren’t a Stephen King fan you should read the Dark Tower series. It isn’t horror in a traditional sense, but it is the best written series I have ever read.